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        Secondary Side Synchronous Rectifier (SR)

        General Description

        KP4110 is a family of secondary side synchronous rectifier, that replaced Schottky diodes by combined with an ultra low on-state resistance power MOSFET for high-efficiency flyback converters. It supports High-Side and Low-Side in DCM and Quasi-Resonant Topologies.

        KP4110 is built-in HV supplies for VDD capacitor, that can eliminate the aux-winding of VDD supply for cost saving.

        KP4110 integrates protections of Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO), VDD Clamper.


        l   Secondary Side Synchronous Rectifier(SR) for Flyback converters

        l   Supports High-Side and Low-Side in DCM and Quasi-Resonant Topologies

        l   <300uA Low Quiescent Current

        l   Built-in HV Supplies without Aux-Winding for VDD supply

        l   Integrated with 50V Power MOSFET

        l   Built-in Protections:

        n  VDD UVLO

        n  VDD Clamper by >5mA sink current

        l   Available with SOP-8 Package


        l   Flyback converters

        l   Chargers

        Pin Configuration

        Typical Application Circuit

        • High Side SR
        • Low Side SR

        Ordering Information

        Part Number



        SOP-8, Halogen free in T&R, 4000Pcs/Reel

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